Wednesday, October 7, 2015

8O's Memphis Plates DIY

I LOVE 80s Memphis style....LOVE IT!  The colors, the mixed patterns, the COW PRINT mixed with yellow and stripes and dots and squiggles.  I guess you could say this is what the inside of my head looks like.  I'm glad to see this wonderful design movement is making a comeback.  What better way to add a little Memphis to your life than with some funky, painted (dishwasher safe) dishes?!  I had a terrific time painting these.  I could have painted them for weeks, BUT I have tons more fun projects in store for you that I have to get crackin' on!
  xoxo, Mark
A few of my new plates

You can get the perfect porcelain coffee mugs at the 99c store, too!
See how I made them here!
White porcelain plates *99c store
Painter's tape
Craft knife
Makeup sponges (triangles)
Contact paper
Clean your plates with rubbing alcohol
Create your designs with contact paper and painter's tape
*I cut circles and taped triangles
Fill in the shapes with Americana Gloss Enamel using a makeup sponge
*Blow on the bubbles to pop them
Remove the tape when dry
*Create stripes with thin pieces of painter's tape
Make dots on folded contact paper using a hole punch
Try different designs using the DecoArt Glass Paint Markers
Bake in the oven twice at 325˚ for 30 minutes each time
*Let the oven cool in between baking times
To make them food save, coat them with Minwax Polycrylic
The best way to get REAL color on glass and porcelain!
Even works on dishes from the 99c store
The perfect morning coffee combo!
I call the one on the right Veins & Rice...Yup, weird, I know.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mondays with Marlo (and me)

Last week I spent the afternoon with the wonderful Marlo Thomas in her fantastic 5th Avenue apartment making Halloween and Thanksgiving DIYs and answering questions from her fans.  What an absolute blast!  Watch the full video in the Huffington Post here!
(and she loves saying it, too!)
Marlo's weekly show where she interviews everyone from Anderson Cooper to Jane Fonda!
 Marlo playing with Americana Acrylics and a pumkin
 A simple skeleton costume made with freezer paper!
 A bedazzled pumpkin, just for fun
 Yup, that book is STILL selling like hot cakes!
Halloween centerpiece with dollar store items

Friday, October 2, 2015

Polo Makeover and Little Fixes by Disney Powless

Recently I picked up a book by Disney Powless called Little Fixes and rocked one of my old polo shirts with one of the chapters!  A little fabric and a few simple stitches and you have something new to wear....I figured this one was headed to the thrift store so why not give it another life?  Little fixes is filled with super cute projects that will easily extend the life of your child's clothes.  Even if your sewing skills are limited, these projects are pretty easy to accomplish.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark
Chubby cheeks strikes again!

See how to make this here!
Old Polo shirt
1 yard striped knit
Fabric pencil
Sewing machine
Matching thread
 1. Cut the bands off of the sleeves of the polo.
2. Fold an 18" x 22" piece of fabric in half lengthwise.
3. Place the folded fabric under the polo sleeve so that the sleeve overlaps by 1".
4. Measure from your shoulder to your wrist.
5. Using that measurement, measure from the shoulder of the polo to the wrist 
(on the fabric) and mark.
6. Draw your sleeve extension pattern on the folded fabric adding 1/2" all the way
down for seam allowance.
7. Fold another piece of 18" x 22" fabric in half, place it under your drawn sleeve extension and then cut both at the same time.
8. Fold a 7" wide by (about 10" long) piece of fabric in half lengthwise and wrap it around your wrist.
9.  Add 1/2" and cut it out.  This will be your cuff. 
10.  Fold the 7" long ends together and stitch.
11.  Fold in half to create a tube and you have a cuff ready to be stitched on your sleeve.
*Stitch the other one
12.  Using 1/2" seam allowance, stitch along the length of your sleeve extension.
13.  Match the raw ends of the cuff to the wrist of the sleeve extension and stitch together.
14. Turn the polo inside out and stuff the sleeve extension inside the sleeve, 
matching right sides together.
15. Pin and stitch around the sleeve, stretching the fabric as you sew.
16.  Create your pocket pattern, add an extra 1" along the top and cut in fabric.
17. Fold and zigzag the 1" extension of the pocket.
18. Pin the pocket on the shirt and zigzag around the edges to create the pocket.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Spider Web Vase (and a rubber rat)

Did you know that Americans spend 6 BILLION dollars annually on Halloween?  That's an enormous amount of candy and rubber spiders! I'll bet dentists LOVE this time of year, too.  In my attempt to celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank, I gave some old flower vases a makeover with a few simple items and then filled them with black dollar store flowers.  I styled my little vignette with some hideous rubber rats.  I couldn't resist!  *Leave a comment on this blog and I'll send someone everything they need to make these vases! Have fun.  
 xoxo, Mark

See how made the GLITTER SKULL here!

Watch the 1 minute video here!
Glass vase
Rubber spiders
Hot glue gun
Stick on gems
 Paint the vase black with the Gloss Enamel and let dry
Paint the spider web with the silver glitter Allure
Add gems where the lines intersect
Hot glue a rubber spider to the center of the web
Fill with black flowers
*Leave a comment and be entered to win!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Artist Light Box DIY

I've used a light box my entire career and in all of those years I've never had one that was BIG enough.   I FINALLY decided to make one that is 18" x 24" which is big enough for all of my needs including photography.  I used these very cool light strips called Lightify from Osram and they worked perfectly!  However, if you want to use different lights, there are tons of alternatives like
  slim under-cabinet lights from GE.  They're a nice alternative for this project and will work perfectly.
Be creative! Have fun!  Make art!  
xoxo, Mark

Perfect for tracing!
See how to make it here!
18" x 24" x 1/2" Plywood
White Krylon Primer
Sticky Back Velcro 
Connect the Osram Lightify strips together
Remove the backing and stick them to the plywood in a square "spiral"
Add the plug to the end
Place the clear box on top and mark where the cord hits the edge of the plastic frame
Drill a space where the cord hits the side of the frame
*This will allow the frame to lay flat
Paint the inside of the clear box frame with an even coat of the white primer
Attach the velcro to the edges of the frame and where it rests on the plywood
Follow the directions to connect the Osram Lightify system
Light up and create!

The perfect light box for my desk!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Decorative Halloween Skulls

It's officially skull season......Well, that's what I call it anyway.  I can't resist buying up all of the spooky plastic skulls this time of year because they're so much fun to decorate.  It's kind of like decorating Christmas ornaments but SOOOO much more fun.  After painting these black, I went nuts with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint (puff paint) and then added gems.  Pretty sure I'm going to keep these around all year long.  Have fun and make messes!  
xoxo, Mark

See how I made them here!
Stuff You'll Need
Plastic Skulls
Large flat back gems
Small stick on gems
 Paint the skulls black and let dry
Decorate with Allure in Silver Glitter
*I like leaves and swirls!
Fill in the leaves with Allure in Chrome
Add small stick on gems when the Allure is dry
With E-6000 Glue large gems in the eye cavities
My favorite paints!