Friday, October 25, 2013

Boho Glass Plates DIY

After searching for dishes at every flea market and thrift store, I decided to make my own from 99c store glass plates.  I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do.  Using repositionable spray adhesive is the key when applying the doilies.    
Make sure to watch the video to see exactly how it's done.  The images below are what I used for these dishes, so print them out and make a whole set.

Here's how to make them! 

Large doilies
Gold spray paint
Spray paint in a color you like
White spray paint
Repositionable spray adhesive
Scissors & Craft knife
White glue
 1. Cut your doily evenly all the way around as shown
2. Spray it with the spray adhesive
3. Press it to the back of the plate overlapping the cuts
4. Spray the edges with gold spray paint and let dry
 5. Cut around the center with a craft knife
6.  Remove the lace edges leaving the center of the doily on the plate
7. Spray with a color of your choice
8.  Remove the center part of the doily
This is optional, you could add a gold accent with a Krylon Gold Leaf marker around the edge of the plate.
9.  Cut out your images
10.  Spread a thin layer of glue on the face of the images
11.  Stick them to the underside of the plate facing upward
12.  Spray the entier back of the plate white
Coat with several coats of a clear acrylic to seal everything together.
I printed this image at 51%, but it might be different on your printer.  
Skull image.  I printed mine at 148%, but again, it might be different on your printer.


  1. I LoveThis!!
    AnD Can't WaitToTry It! Thanks So Much For Sharing!

  2. I LoveThis!!
    AnD Can't WaitToTry It! Thanks So Much For Sharing!

  3. omg this is awesome work!!!!!! thank u for this fantastic idea!!!

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